Stand-Up Comedian and Entertainer Spence Roper

Born and raised in an isolated valley in Northern Utah jam-packed with ancestors of Brigham Young and Utah State University Alumni, Spence Roper brings a unique perspective to the stand-up stage with his observational PG to PG-13(ish) comedy. If you were a zoo animal that didn't know you were a zoo animal and thought all the people coming to see you were going to hell because they weren't IN the zoo with you where they could not leave ever because they were in a glass zoo cage with you, that's the perspective Spence brings. It's a really good time watching him perform and not like the Twilight Zone at all, despite that living-in-the-zoo analogous comparison you just read.
Audiences love Spence Roper because he's very funny (especially for a zoo animal, but also for human being, which he is) and nice, loves books, NPR, building treehouses, and the colors blue, green, and brown. He is also great with kids. Most importantly though, he loves to make people laugh. Whether it's at a comedy club, corporate event, as a host for the local county fair awards ceremony or the Golden Globe Awards*, he'll make sure it is fun, funny, and something you will want to have him do again and again so he can afford to keep driving high end vehicles like his 2002 Chevy Cavalier to wherever you need him to go that does not require four-wheel drive.
To see Spence in action, check out this exciting Youtube link

*Has not hosted the Golden Globe awards.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Checking in to let you know I'm still aware I could do better updating this. Most weekends I'm doing a show somewhere. Check my Facebook.  Also, I cut off the tip of my right ring finger so it's been tricky because I do all updates with my phone using only my ring finger.

I need to do better.
I'm sorry.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sorry I have been doing a bad job keeping this up to date. I should have made that my New Years Resolution instead of win a Maverick- Adventure's First Stop giveaway using my Maverick Adventure Trail points to increase my chances of winning.
Oh well.
Too late to change it now.
When I'm not too busy entering giveaway competitions with my Maverick Trail points I will try and do better at keeping this updated.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas (and/or Secular Holiday) Reclaimed Wood Stars! Yeah. Get some! If you want. No pressure.

Want Some? GET SOME!

I love finding wood people don't want and rescuing it from a life of being garbage. I like to glue garbage together. That's essentially what is happening with my little wood hobby. It was wood that was going to become garbage in a landfill and now it is wood that you can decorate your house with. It is kind of like a youtube video of a homeless guy who can sing really well. At first you think "Oh, that's too bad," then you hear him and think "Oh! Does he have a Christmas album?"

Anyways, if you'd like to buy a star made out of garbage I glued together, now you can by using the handy paypal buttons below. Each star is unique, just like you.
There are two sizes: 12" and 16" by approximately .5" thick (there is some variation in thickness because I am an artist. It looks good. At least I think it does).

So here's the deal. When you click one of the buttons it adds 1 one of that item to the shopping cart. Once in the cart you can edit quantities to whatever number of stars you want. If you want a 12" star and a 16" star you will need to click the ADD TO CART button for the 12" star, which will take you to the shopping cart, where you will then need to click the CONTINUE SHOPPING button, which will bring you back here, where you will then need to click the ADD TO CART button for the 16" star.  Finally, if the stars need to be sent to your dumb village because you don't live near Cache Valley, click the ADD TO CART button under shipping.  After you've done all that, click CHECKOUT so you can GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. 
Thanks. I hope you enjoy having your stars as much as I enjoyed making them for you.
Also, your village isn't dumb. Sorry I said that.

12"x .5" Reclaimed Wood Star $10

16"x.5" Reclaimed Wood Star $14

Need shipping? Get some!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coming up 8/21-9/1

I will be opening for Steve Soelberg at Wiseguys West Valley 8/21 and 8/22

I will be part of Christian Pieper's Adrenaline Comedy show on 8/23 (also at Wiseguys West Valley )

I will be at Laughs in Kirkland, Wa on 8/30 with Bengt Washburn on the "Caffeinated Mormon Show."

Friday, July 3, 2015


Come to this show please. I made something for everyone who comes. It's cool and I'm just going to give it to you. You have to come though if you want to find out what it is.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Upcoming Appearances

I will be opening for Nate Bargatze at Wiseguys Comedy Club in West Valley, Utah Feb. 12-14th. Tickets for that show are available at the Wiseguys website:
Here's a video clip you might like:

I will be hosting the FTC Robotics Championships at Weber State University in Ogden on Feb. 21st. This is a great event which I am excited to be a part of. It's ROBOTS PLAYING GAMES.  There is no way it could not be fun. The kids have all worked very hard on their robots and, as these are the championships, we will be watching the best of the best compete.  Volunteers are still needed so if you would like to help, please go here to sign up:

Hope to see you soon and possibly get a real website soon as well, but given the choice between the two, I definitely choose the first one. Who wants to spend more time looking at the internet, right?